The Beauty of Limitless Possibilities

A whole new concept in minimalist, luxury skincare - Synactif is the premiere detoxifying skincare line and service that breaks from prestige brands of the past with unprecedented science and a new synergistic approach.

Comprehensively purifying formulations and breakthrough ingredients partner with the exclusive Synactif Intensive Facial to deliver a truly transcendent experience that purifies skin for a more vital, renewed beauty. Tone, texture and contours are refined now and for the future.

It all started with an amazing discovery...the key to beauty lies in skin’s lymphatic channels.

Seven amazing products – all working in synergy.

Healthy lymphatic channels help “purify” skin by removing harmful substances but when weakened by dehydration, stress, and toxin build-up they decrease skin’s purification capabilities, which can result in wrinkles, dryness and puffiness.

With this revelation, years of research led to Synactif’s exclusive and revolutionary ingredient, MACC*, as the basis for the world’s first skincare product line that strengthens the lymphatic channel function.

By optimizing skin’s innate ability to eliminate unwanted substances, skin glows with a pure, inner radiance – as though it’s been regenerated.