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Koko provides great fast service, the quality and everything is handled with care.
Ana Kim
I've always had an excellent presentation of Shiseido products. Tina explains every product that I inquire about and some that I don't. I've been using the Shiseido White Lucent Line (suggested by Tina) and it's working wonderfully. When ordering, my products they usually arrive the next day. I am very pleased with this Shiseido location.
Debra Adams
Tina’s Koko Shiseido in Torrance, California is one of a kind. The place is tastefully decorated and their staff is polite and helpful. I often buy Shiseido items through mail order from her since I live in New Hampshire. When I was in Torrance CA, I would make a point of visiting her store. It was always a pleasure. I highly recommend KoKo Shiseido.
Eileen Wang
This was the first time I ordered online i always go to the store I actually like that better but it was really easy Tina help me out by sending me an email with my order she was fast to get it out and received it 3 days later AWESOME !! Also gave me some SAMPLES TOO !! Thanks Tina for all your help I appreciate 💞
Darlene Megliola
KoKo is very good I love it.  I moved to another state and I am still with them because they are fast and very helpful.  KoKo is amazing. Thank you.
Kathia Rattan
The workers at Koko Shiseido were extremely helpful and knowledgeable! They answered all my questions and followed up after I put in my order and was so kind—really excellent customer service!
Christina Dong
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