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  • Do you enjoy shopping at KoKo store but want to stay safe from any risk of corona infection?

  • Are you a busy mom or professional with little time to go shopping for your beauty care?

  • Do you prefer to buy from a live person who knows you and understand your need vs artificial algorithm of ecommerce website? 

I am happy to introduce to you our new dedicated VIP customer hotline



No need to browse internet

No wait or put on hold

 Order from anywhere at your convenient time

This is how it works

  • You:  Simply call and talk to us about your need

We:  Prepare your email order form.
Check and apply your reward points or any applicable sales discounts. 
Send you the email listing all items of your order(typically within minutes).

  • You:  Review your order and authorize payment at anytime

We:  Prepare the order to ship direct from the store(within minutes of your payment authorization)

Check your purchase history and your skin profile on our record.

Include sample(s) that you could benefit from(not just any random sample).

Send you shipping confirmation via email or text with tracking number.

  • You:  Receive your order(within *2days) and rate us how we did(optional)

We:  Thank you for being our loyal customer and supporting your local store.

Customers Like Us for

Fast Delivery

Orders are shipped out *within the hour of the order direct from our store.

Secure payment processing

We send you the details of your order via email and you authorize payment upon satisfactory approval.

Our ability to cross reference your purchase history and skincare preference

We are exceptionally good at remembering our customers but we also get a little help from our customer CRM and other technology - We can instantly look up the color of the foundation you purchased last year.

Special Request handling

You'd like certain *samples to take with you on your trip? Have it gift wrapped? Have it shipped by certain date? We personally take all orders and ship directly from our store. Whatever your special request may be are no problem to us.(*based on availability and may require certain purchase)

We want you to know...

More than just a convenient way for you to shop during this pandemic, this service is launched with the foremost goal of providing you the unique and exceptional shopping experience.

So, give us a call when you need to replenish your Shiseido, whether you are on a break, stuck in traffic or taking a walk, just as you would call your friend or family. 

Stay safe and talk to you soon !

Your Friend at KoKo, Tina


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*Normal Call hours are 11:00am to 6:00pm Mon-Sat. 

11:00am to 5:00pm Sun.

*Orders made before 1:30pm, ship out same day. Out of State orders typically takes 3 days.

Off normal hours, text us your callback number, and we call you at the earliest opportunity.

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