ColorGel LipBalm


This moisturizing lipstick balm wraps lips in vibrant, comfortable, semi-sheer color.

Product Details

This lightweight-yet-hydrating balm melds seamlessly with lips thanks to high- and low-melting point waxes that provide the perfect amount of structure and slip. Infused with patented humectant technology, this balm-lipstick hybrid offers lasting moisture and comfort—leaving lips feeling softer and healthier with every use. Available in 15 shades inspired by nature indigenous to Japan, this nourishing formula boasts semi-sheer coverage, and a delicate, shiny finish. Dermatologist-tested.

How To Use

Glide directly onto lips for a quick dose of hydration and semi-sheer color.


Key Ingredients

  • Patented Humectant Technology: Binds nourishing moisture to lips.
  • Waxes and Oils: Provide cushion, comfort, and a unique melting sensation.
PoppyRedwoodDahliaWisteriaJuniperBambooTiger LilySakuraLilacAzalea


Semi-Sheer Coverage, Weightless Shine


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