Softeners & Balancing Lotions

Sooth parched skin with Shiseido softening lotions. Balance and brighten your complexion with formulas that impart deep hydration and perfect nourishment to every skin type. It’s now simple to balance and brighten your complexion from within.

Treatment Softener Enriched - KoKo Shiseido BeautéTreatment Softener Enriched - KoKo Shiseido Beauté
Concentrated Balancing Softener - KoKo Shiseido BeautéConcentrated Balancing Softener - KoKo Shiseido Beauté
Revitalizing Treatment Softener - KoKo Shiseido BeautéRevitalizing Treatment Softener - KoKo Shiseido Beauté
Treatment Softener - KoKo Shiseido BeautéTreatment Softener - KoKo Shiseido Beauté
Hydro-Softening Lotion - KoKo Shiseido BeautéHydro-Softening Lotion
Eudermine Revitalizing Essence - KoKo Shiseido BeautéEudermine Revitalizing Essence - KoKo Shiseido Beauté
Hydro-Clarifying Lotion - KoKo Shiseido BeautéHydro-Clarifying Lotion - KoKo Shiseido Beauté
Eudermine Activating EssenceEudermine Activating Essence