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“Tina is always so kind and beautiful inside & outside.
Thanks to her, my skin is always in good condition. Tina san, you are great!”

– Kyoko Thomas

“Excellent & friendliest customer service! She was most accommodating and very warm & friendly! Makes me want to go back there everytime & recommend her to friends!”

– Felina Nishimura

“Tina was very knowledgeable, not pushy and very friendly. She gave us freebies. I always go to her store.”

– Araceli Deguzman

“Professional and friendly. Representative was very responsive to my needs.”

– Gail Wash

“World class customer service. Got my order in a timely fashion and the quality is outstanding.”

– Bomi Piyush

“Thank You for your fabulous delivery service and my favorite Shiseido Cosmetics! Also thank you for my precious gift!!”

– Esther Fukumoto

“They are so helpful for beauty advice. I really enjoy visiting them every time.”

– Keiko Ono

“Delivery of my order was quick. Placing my order was easy.”

– Eileen Arceo

“Very efficient and friendly customer service
Delivery is quick and efficient.”

– Sungjin John

“This is the best thing that has happened to my skin. I do not regret that I ordered from you for the first time, and I liked everything!”

– Kathleen Hardy